Gunfire in downtown Seattle leaves two injured

SEATTLE -- It was 8:15 Wednesday night at 3rd and Pine when shots rang out on the busy street corner.

“I was walking from McDonald's. I came out and there was a group of black men and they started shooting toward this way about six seven shots and it was unreal like crazy, I don't know. Like it was not something I want to experience again. apparently two guys got shot and it's scary like this happening downtown; it`s not ok,” witness Gailen Lopton said.

Even before police and paramedics got here we saw two men hobbling from 3rd and Pine; apparently to get away from the gunfire.

They fell at 2nd and Pine, bleeding and surrounded by a group of people, some of whom saw the shooting happened before their eyes.

"I saw some men arguing in front of McDonald's they ran across the street started fighting each other suddenly one guy was raising his hands in the air they were yelling obscenities, then three men just pulled their guns and they started shooting,” witness Kyle Prince said.

The gunfire sent dozens of people running for cover, fear on their faces as they tried to escape danger.

We could hear gunshots flying by our van more than a block away.

There have been many shootings, stabbings and fights at 3rd and Pine and those who live, work and play here have had enough.

"They need to cut this out. Like this isn't appropriate. If there are kids around or anything, old people, it's not supposed to be happening in downtown Seattle, you know,” Lopton said.

The victims were a 25-year-old man who is in critical condition and a 16-year-old is in serious condition.

The suspects were still on the loose as of late Wednesday.