Harborstone and Junior Achievement program teaches students to save big

SEATTLE-- Harborstone Credit Union and Junior Achievement of Washington have teamed up to help students learn about the importance of building savings early on in life.

Harborstone has a program where students going through the Junior Achievement program can open a savings account.

If they contribute $10 a month, Harborstone will match with $20 a month at certain points during the year.

The program is available to every student who goes through the Junior Achievement Finance Park in Auburn.

It’s an interactive experience for middle school and high school students to give them real-life scenarios like paying bills and calculating income.

The program teaches kids the importance of building a savings account -- and paying themselves first -- by putting money into their savings account.

In addition, it encourages conversations with students and parents about setting aside money for savings, emergencies, and retirement.

Advocates say it’s a great way for kids to learn about finances and how to create a budget.