Hawks fan says she canceled her Super Bowl travel plans during 4th quarter, calls it 'horrible mistake'

SEATTLE -- As the 12s recover from the amazing comeback overtime victory over the Packers, the focus turns to the Super Bowl.

Fans are counting down on Monday, but even the most diehard fans struggled to keep the faith during Sunday's game.

“I think there was 2 minutes and 55 seconds left,” fan Holly Risin said.

With less than 3 minutes to go in the fourth quarter Risin gave up on the Super Bowl and canceled her flight to Phoenix.

“I canceled it and then Marshawn Lynch made that crazy catch and like tiptoed and scored the touchdown,” Risin said.

Still reeling from that miraculous comeback, many 12th fans are now desperate to get to Arizona even if they don’t get tickets to the big game.

“You are going to get creative, people should be looking at one-way fares, connecting service,” travel agent Steve Danishek says.

Danishek adds that booking one-way fares and avoiding nonstop flights is the ticket to savings.

13FOX News checked one way flights to and from Phoenix on Monday. The round-trip cost is about $1,000.

But there are other options.

You can fly into Tucson for nearly $800, rent a car and drive two hours to Phoenix.

How about Vegas? Round-trip is around $500 with a four-hour drive one way.

Or there is Los Angeles, which will cost more than $200 -- but it's a six-hour drive.

Expect these prices to fluctuate in the next two weeks and the flights to be scarce.

When it comes to hotels, Danishek says, the inventory will be up because Packers and Colts fans are canceling their Super Bowl trips.

So there will be more rooms up for grabs but don’t expect cheaper prices. Danishek says hotels will be five times more expensive than usual, especially if you book near Phoenix.

“It’s going to be fun and awesome; I want to go for the experience,” Risin said.

As soon as she canceled her flight, Risin rebooked less than a minute later. She paid $40 more to rebook her canceled flight. So her countdown to the Super Bowl continues with one big lesson. Never lose faith until the final whistle.

“I realized what a horrible mistake I made. It was just so amazing. Who would have ever thought, it was ridiculous,” Risin said.

Several 12s said on Twitter that they are driving all the way down to Arizona in their own cars. Some talking about even renting an RV. Now that is some dedication.