'He got the best of me': Man recovering after caught-on-video buck attack

SHAWNEE, Okla. – An Oklahoma man is recovering from wounds suffered during a bizarre encounter with a deer.

In a video on Facebook, the deer can be see charging, forcing Travis Hurst to try and hold the buck to keep some distance between his body and the animal's antler points.

Hurst said he was putting together a bonfire for his church on Wednesday night when the buck came out of the woods and straight up to them.

“He gets closer and closer and we're thinking, 'Well, we might feed him or something,'” said Hurst.

Then, the deer charged.

“He stabs my legs and stabs my arms and everything,” said Hurst. “He's wearing me smooth out and finally, I am able to let him go.”

After about five minutes, the deer eventually turned around and went back into the woods.

“He got the best of me,” said Hurst. “I think that he's had some human contact because he wasn't afraid of us at all.”

Capt. Wade Farrar, with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, agreed, saying the deer was likely hand raised by someone.

Farrar says deer are in rut right now, meaning they're frisky and ready to fight.

“He's going to try to act like a big bad deer and if he thinks we are a threat, then he's going to treat us just like he would a big buck out in the woods,” Farrar said.

He says anytime you come across deer or any wildlife, it's best to leave it alone.

“Never a good idea at all,” said Farrar. “It's best to contact us and let us take care of it.”

Hurst says he learned a few lessons from this experience and hopes to never be in this dangerous position again.

“Not posing a threat to him,” said Hurst. “I might keep my hands down and I think that doing this caused him to charge me.”

Looking back and watching the video, Hurst said he's thankful his injuries aren't worse.

“I've had a lot of people call and check on me, ask me what happened because the video doesn't tell what happened but he's OK and I'm OK,” said Hurst.

The Department of Wildlife went out to Shawnee to find the deer, and tranquilize it so they can transport it to a safe area, away from people.