Healthy Living: 93-year-old boxer

We get one crack at life, so you better pack a good punch.  At least that's the motto of 93-year-old Bernice Bloch.

"I'm 93 years young," said Bernice before a workout at The Summit at First Hill in Seattle.

Bernice moved to the Pacific Northwest several years ago to be closer to family.  The native New Yorker has 7 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.  She credits exercise for keeping her body and mind healthy.

That's why when the Fitness Coordinator, Rury Lee from Bernice's senior living retirement community asked if anyone would like to try boxing for exercise, she was all in.

"The room went quiet and nobody volunteered," said Bernice.  "So I raised my hand.  We came in, did it, and I had fun."

Lee says boxing helps with upper body strength, balance and coordination.  All are major concerns for adults as they age.  Plus, she says boxing is fun.

Bernice hits the gym three days a week and saying it's about more than just burning calories.

"My brain is stimulated," said Bernice.

Bernice's advice for others, no matter their age, is try something new and if the glove fits, you might as well give it a whirl.

"I think people should do it," said Bernice. "(It) may help start the day off right."