Heavy rain floods streets; area school closed for first day following flood

SEATTLE -- Heavy rain turned roads into rivers and flooded a school causing extensive damage inside that has prevented it from opening on the first day of class.

Fairview Christian School and Child Care Center is closed today after the sewer lines backed up into the building, flooding two floors and the school gymnasium.

The principal, with over 20 years of experience at the school, has never seen anything like this.

Sharilee West said, "When it rains hard in Seattle we’ve had this happen in the past but not to this extent. It’s come up some in the drains but we’ve never had any kind of damage like this before."

Streets in Green Lake became massive puddles that drivers had to avoid or slowly wade through. The storm knocked out power to over 5,000 customers. Most of those outages have been fixed.

On Capitol Hill, a viewer took a picture of a manhole cover that had been pushed off of the city street from all the water pressure. The storm surge created a geyser that was seen shooting from the street.