Heavy snow falling in the Cascades

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash - You better be prepared for winter driving conditions if you're heading over Snoqualmie or Stevens Pass Saturday night.  The National Weather Service in Seattle (NWS) says that heavy snow continues through tonight.

Total accumulations up to 2 feet in high elevations and 2 to 10 inches in lower elevations. Hazardous driving conditions, snow covered and slippery roads are expected in the Cascades and at pass level.

Snow levels will remain at 3000 to 5000 feet through Monday.

The NWS also says that heavy rain is expected over the next several days. Rainfall totals through mid week are expected at 1-3 inches in the lowlands with 5-7 inches in the mountains and high spots of 10-15 inches in the favored areas of the Olympics and Cascades . This will produce some flooding on area rivers over the next several days.

And on the Washington coast: a dangerous high surf.  The highest waves, above 20 feet will arrive early Sunday evening with waves peaking around midnight and subsiding early Monday morning.

Waves this big will cause possible beach erosion, especially north of the Grays Harbor north jetty, and dangerous surf conditions. High surf will run farther up the beaches than usual and may contain logs and other debris.

So if you plan to be out, driving around, walking, be prepared - winter has arrived.