Heftier fines coming for carpool lane cheaters in Washington

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Starting Sunday, carpool lane cheaters will face much heftier fines. 

The base fine will go up by $50, meaning a first-time violator on freeways or in electronic toll lanes will be fined $186. Second-time violators within two years will receive a fine of $336.

Those trying to trick troopers with a dummy or mannequin will have an extra $200 added to their tickets.

Washington State Patrol Troopers say these changes come because drivers wanted to see stricter enforcement.

"HOV violations is one of the number one complaints that we receive from citizens, and that goes for both state patrol and ," said Trooper Johnna Batiste. "So this is basically legislation's response saying that we've heard your complaints."

Trooper Batiste says in 2019 more than 19,000 drivers violated HOV laws.

The Associated Press contributed to this report