Heroes abounded during SPU shooting rampage

SEATTLE -- Seattle police are commending the actions of people on the Seattle Pacific University campus during Thursday’s shooting, especially one man who risked his own life to keep others from getting shot.

A memorial is steadily growing in front of Otto Miller Hall. Students streamed to the scene, placing flowers, balloons and candles on the sidewalk.

“It’s hard to process everything,” said an SPU student named Elizabeth. “That’s always scary because I never know how in that situation how I’m going to react.”

But it’s how people reacted that has authorities praising the quick actions of students, staff and witnesses. Even during the chaos, 911 callers remained calm and helped police secure the scene.

Those trapped inside the building hearing the shots huddled close with each other – and prayed that the madness would soon be over.

And now many are hailing 22-year-old Jon Meis as a hero.

“I was in the library when I got a text and someone told me Jon Meis tackled the shooter,” said SPU student Victoria Speck. “Everyone was like, what? Is he OK? What’s going on?”

Many students said Meis’ act of selflessness would be remembered on much longer than the acts of the gunman.

“They were able to step up when they needed to,” said Elizabeth. “That’s good and they were able to stop anything else from happening.”

The family of Thomas Fowler, one of the shooting victims who was released from the hospital Friday, praised the quick actions by everyone on the SPU campus.