High avalanche danger warning remains in Cascades after skier's death

SEATTLE – Right now, much of Washington’s Cascade Range sits under a “considerable” or “high” avalanche danger.  It proved to be deadly for an experienced skier in the backcountry of White Pass on Tuesday.

“The allure is being in the mountains, getting some adventure,” said Northwest Avalanche Center Executive Director Scott Schell.

The allure was far too strong for Adam Roberts. His friends say he always wore a bright smile on his face while being one with nature on his skis. Roberts was taken in an avalanche doing what his friends called his passion.

“You have a weak layer that’s underneath a slab of snow.  That’s a recipe for having an avalanche,” said Schell.

That’s exactly what we’ve had in the area; on and off snow with winds and other factors building up to a red level avalanche warning.

“Get the training, you get the forecast, and you get the equipment before you head out into the backcountry,” said Schell.

You can pick up the equipment at Evo Seattle Store. Schell says you’ll need a beacon, a shovel, and a special avalanche backpack.

Northwest Avalanche Center Executive Director Scott Schell says to know what to look for when you’re out in the backcountry.

“Cracking coming off your skis or snowshoes. That’s an indicator that you have a cohesive slab and a weak layer underneath,” said Schell.

If you’re caught in an avalanche, hopefully, your training, your equipment and the other people you’re skiing with can help save you.

“The best thing you can do is try to do is exit the moving snow and the next thing you can probably do is hope for the best,” said Schell.

Friends of Adam Roberts said he was the best.  He was loving and compassionate as well as an environmentalist who they say will be missed.