High school coach suspended for giving players energy drinks

Tualatin, OR -- The varsity softball coach at Lakeridge High School has been suspended for giving his players energy drinks.

Mike McCormack has been the head coach of the Lakeridge softball team for two years.

Just before a game on Monday, McCormack offered his players some bottles of Isgenix E-Plus he got from a rep of the company.

Isgenix E-Plus is a drink that claims to be an all natural energy boost.

Six girls tried the drink, played in the game and then the next day, one of their parents called to complain.

School district leaders say they can't comment on personal issues, but McCormack says the Lakeridge principal suspended him because he gave his players performance enhancing substances.

McCormack says he's still in shock.

"It says directly on the website that this drink holds no more caffeine than a 20 ounce mountain dew, or a 16 ounce grande of coffee," said McCormack. "I feel it's an over reaction by the school district and I feel that I'm being wronged here."

McCormack is on a paid, two-week suspension and his assistant coach will take over until he's allowed to come back on May 6.