High school says 2 students investigated for making threats; more police to be on hand

TACOMA -- Two Franklin Pierce High School students were investigated after allegedly making threats against the school’s administration during school Monday, the school district said on its website.

"Those students will not be attending school tomorrow (Tuesday), and will be subject to discipline," the post said.

"Throughout the (Monday) evening, there have been many rumors spread on social media. Investigations into these rumors have led us to believe that these rumors are not credible. Therefore, Franklin Pierce High School – and all schools of the Franklin Pierce School District -- will operate on regular schedule ... Tuesday, October 28," it said.

"As an extra precaution, we will have added police presence on the Franklin Pierce High School campus and throughout the school district," the school said.

But on the Q13 FOX News Facebook page, many parents said Monday night they would not be sending their children to the high school on Tuesday.

The threat comes three days after a student at Marysville Pilchuck High School opened fire in the lunchroom. Three students died, including the gunman of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and two others were wounded.