Hiker safe after cold night on 7,201-foot Mount Pugh

DARRINGTON, Wash.  — The Snohomish County Sheriff's Office says a 25-year-old Seattle man is safe after rescue crews helped him through a cold night near the summit of Mount Pugh, west of Glacier Peak.

The hiker called 911 from his cell phone at about 4 p.m. Saturday to say he had become separated from his hiking partner and was off the trail and lost in the fog near the 7,201-foot summit. He was wearing only light clothing and tennis shoes, and he wasn't equipped to spend the night.

The sheriff's office says more than 20 volunteers and a deputy responded, and they finally found him at about 6,300 feet, stuck on a small ledge along a cliff face and suffering symptoms of hypothermia. The rescuers helped him warm up and then walked him to safety at about 5:30 Sunday morning.

The man's hiking partner safely made his way down Saturday evening.