Historically hot summer comes to a close

SEATTLE We say goodbye to summer tonight-- or for those of us that are not fans of the sun or heat-- we'll say good riddance to the hottest summer ever recorded here in Seattle.

Summer 2015 will be remember for record heat and record dry weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

Summer-like weather started early for us in Seattle. Our first of 51 days above 80 degrees or warmer happened on May 9th.  The old record for days 80 or above stood for many years at 47. We had nearly twice as many days above 80 that we typically have in a NW summer.

Our first day 90 or above  was June 27th-- and we would go on to have 12 of those days total for the season. The record number of days above 90 was 9-- and that record went down as well. An average summer has 4 days above 90-- and this year we had three times that many days in the 90s.

Our weather from May through July was the driest three month period ever recorded at SeaTac. July was the hottest month ever recorded in Seattle. Q13 FOX Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley says, "Although we didn’t set lots of daytime record highs we did set many warm overnight lows and those warm nights were actually the reason why our Summer was the hottest on record."

And even thought it's the last day of summer, we can have some summer like temperatures into fall. October 13th is the latest Seattle has ever seen a temperature 80 or above.