Holiday airline travel runs smoothly at Sea-Tac

SEATTLE -- Holiday airline travel appeared to go smoothly Wednesday at Sea-Tac International Airport.

An estimated 91,000 people were expected to travel through Sea-Tac Wednesday, and most flights were on time despite heavy fog in Chicago that prompted the cancellation of 130 flights there and delayed hundreds of other flights going into and out of Chicago’s two airports.

At Sea-Tac, the airlines had people waiting for travelers to answer questions and direct them to the right area. Several families passing through the airport said they were surprised how easy everything had gone at Sea-Tac on the eve of Thanksgiving.

For those last-minute travelers, or those looking to save some money, experts say you should buy a ticket to fly on Thanksgiving Day. Experts say that will save big; sometimes, passengers end up paying  70 percent more just to fly the day before Turkey Day. And if passengers can wait to come home until next week, that will save a lot of money, too.