Hottest new restaurant in New York City is in college dorm room?

NEW YORK -- There's a hot new restaurant in Manhattan, but diners can't get a reservation until after Christmas.

You probably expect a swanky place, maybe with a view of Central Park.

But this dining establishment is something else entirely.

You are served your multi-course meal in a student's dorm room at Columbia University.

Used with permission from Jonah Reider

The chef/student is Jonah Reider. He takes reservations and charges a small fee for the meal which he prepares in the communal kitchen at Hogan Hall.

The restaurant, which daylights as a dorm room, is very real -- and even has several Yelp reviews from satisfied customers.

The first review from Sept. 27 reads:

"PITH is a dining experience like none other in New York. The owner goes to great lengths to tailor and diversify the courses to your liking, and really makes you feel at home. The attention paid to detail on behalf of the chef is tremendous, and it is very clear he has a specific vision for your dining experience in a way that will push you out of your comfort zone. The magnificent food paired with excellent wine and conversation makes for a very memorable night!"

Reider doesn't turn a profit on the endeavor, reports Mashable. His roommate, who helps serve the meals, says the project is fun, but may eventually run its course.

For now, five stars.