How can I tell if my fireworks are legal?

SEATTLE - The Washington State Fire Marshal's office wants you to be safe this July 4th holiday, when it comes to fireworks.  Beginning today at noon, and running until 9 p.m. July 5th, consumer fireworks sales across the state are legal at licensed fireworks stand.  So how can you tell if the fireworks you wish to purchase are legal?  The Fire Marshal's office reminds consumers:

Licensed fireweorks stands can, by law, only sell fireworks labeled as Consumer Fireworks.  In addition, all legal fireworks must meet seven main requirements:

1. Signal Word: "Warning" or "Caution".

Statement of Hazard: "Flammable","Shoots Flaming Balls With Reports", "Spins On Ground", "Emits Showers Of Sparks"

2. Must have instructions for use and necessary safety precautions to be observed.

3. Must have labeling with the name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, distributor, or seller.

4. Must have the name of  the County of Manufacture.

5. Must have the United States Department of Transportation designation as "Division 1.4G Consumer Fireworks" or "Division 1.3G Special Fireworks".

6. Must have label working prominently located, in the English languarde, and in conspicuous and legible type in conrast by typography, layout, or color with the printed matter on the fireworks device or container.

7. Must have packaging - bright, colorful paper.

The Fire Marshal's office has information on local community fireworks displays on their website: