Hundreds of greyhounds could come to Northwest after Florida bans dog racing

People in Washington State have a good reputation as dog lovers.

Kill shelters in the south often send dogs to the northwest because they know they will be adopted.

After Tuesday’s election, those dog lovers around the Puget Sound area will be asked to step up once again.

Voters in Florida approved an amendment that ends dog racing by 2021.

Several states, including Washington, have already banned the sport that animal activists have called cruel and inhumane to the thousands of greyhounds used at gambling racetracks.

Most dog racing tracks in the U.S. are in Florida, and that means upwards of 15,000 greyhounds will need new homes in the coming months and years.

Greyhound rescue groups in Washington state are already coordinating to bring hundreds, if not thousands, of the dogs to our state for adoption.

“We will definitely be getting a large number of dogs,” said Kathy Kreyling, with the non-profit Greyhound Pets, Inc. “Our plan is to take as many as we can possibly hold.”

Lori Bigler, at Greyhound Pets of America Greater Northwest, confirms they are already arranging for 70 dogs to be transported to Washington by the end of November.

“Our biggest challenge is weather, as the roads from the Midwest to us are not kind to trailers in the winter,” said Bigler. “We have begun fundraising to try and cope with the expected influx.”

Bigler says the cost of transport, vetting, and support is upwards of $500 per dog.

“All greyhound adoption groups are non-profit and we rely solely on our volunteers for housing and caring for these dogs in foster care, and our vet bills and food is all paid for through donations.”

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