I-5 briefly shut down as Seattle protest over Ferguson decision turns violent; more marches planned

SEATTLE -- A Seattle protest march over the Ferguson decision turned violent Monday night, with marchers throwing rocks, bottles, cans of food, and large fireworks at police officers trying to prevent them from walking on Interstate 5.

Seattle Police reported that 5 people were arrested during the demonstrations. No injuries were reported.

About 200 young people had joined the protest against the Ferguson, Mo., grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown. Among the protesters was the recording artist Macklemore.

And after the I-5 incident, many of the protesters moved to 12th and Pike, where they blocked the street.

The protest march was peaceful for most of the night. But when protesters tried to walk on an on-ramp to I-5 at Madison and 7th in downtown Seattle, police moved in to stop them. Police said protesters lit flares, threw bottles and cans of food, and large fireworks at officers.

Police responded by firing pepper-spray at the protesters and hurling flash bangs at them.

Some, however, made it down an on-ramp toI-5 and essentially shut down the northbound lanes of the interstate for about a half hour. Police moved in and removed the protesters, but many of them started to move toward Seattle's East Precinct.

Police are investigating several incidents of property damage after vandals reportedly spray painted buildings at 6th Avenue and Pike Street
and 9th Avenue and Madison Street. Vandals also reportedly shattered a bank's window at Madison and Boylston Avenue.