I-90 bridge to close during Blue Angels performances at Seafair

SEATTLE – Traffic in the sky is going to affect the roads below in Seattle this week, when the I-90 floating bridge will be closed several times to accommodate Blue Angels practices and performances.

The closures, which will begin Thursday, will stretch from the I-90/I-5 interchange in Seattle to Island Crest Way on Mercer Island.

If you need to cross Lake Washington during flight times, you’ll need to find an alternate route or leave an hour early.

The floating bridge will be closed at the following times:

    Why the closures?

    "The FAA requires a safety zone around and below the area where the Blue Angels practice and perform. These horizontal and vertical restrictions are in place to protect the public, property and pilots. This zone, also called "the box," covers part of Lake Washington and the floating bridges - hence the closure. Additionally, keeping drivers off the bridge while the Blue Angels are in the air keeps drivers from being distracted and prevents collisions on the bridge."

    Click here for more details on specific ramp closures and times.