'I just want to show them love and support:' Burien man steps up to replace missing pride flags

After pride flags went missing on his street, a Burien man stepped up to show support for families who have been affected in his neighborhood.

"A core American value is that you have property, and you can feel comfortable and safe on your property, no matter what type of flag that might be," said Matt Parker.

Parker started this GoFundMe account after he says he and his wife noticed the pride flags and decorations go missing at homes just a few doors down from his house.

"We were just sad when it happened and wanted to comfort our neighbors," said Parker.

Parker hopes to raise $3,000 to purchase flowers for homes that were affected. 


Tacoma Police investigating several pride flag thefts as hate crimes

Tacoma Police are investigating several thefts of pride flags over the last weekend, which they are classifying as a crime of hate.

Within a day of creating the online fundraiser, he says neighbors have volunteered to help place gifts on affected neighbors' porches and a startup greeting card company offered to pitch in as well.

"[PaperWish] actually got a hold of me to volunteer to fill up their mailboxes with fun greeting cards," said Parker.

Parker hopes to make his first deliveries this weekend.

"The good news is that they get a new flag. In this case, they'll get some comfort, some flowers and some food and probably meet some new friends, too," said Parker.

More information on how to donate or volunteer can be found here.