‘I was mortified’: Parents say district not addressing kindergarten bully problem

BOTHELL, Wash. -- Parents of students at an elementary school in Bothell said bullying has gotten out of control.

On Monday, a 5-year-old boy had to be taken to the hospital after being shoved face-first into a coat hook.

Parents said the violence has been happening at Fernwood Elementary since the beginning of the school year.

Parents said the problem child throws chairs and pencils at other kids, but the district says the bullying had gotten better until Monday.

“When I put him on that bus every day I expect when he gets to school that he will be protected,” said frustrated mother Dianna Felgar. “They’re supposed to be protecting him but they’re not. They’ve failed completely at that.”

Felgar’s 5-year-old son, Logan, has a one-inch gash above his eye all because she said one of his classmates is a bully.

“I was mortified,” she said. “He’s my baby.”

Felgar said the problem child was not in class with Logan on Tuesday, but they did ride home on the school bus together.

She said the district is ignoring its own policies.

“Student behavior that presents immediate threat to safety will result in emergency expulsion and or suspension,” she said, reading from the district’s student handbook.

“That never happened.”

But Felgar isn’t alone. Parent Bethany Man said the same bully kicked her daughter – and the violence is too much for teachers and aides to handle.

“This is on a regular basis; they’re not doing anything about it,” Man said. “Kids are going to hospital, it’s not being handled.”

The Northshore School District said it’s not allowed to disclose what kind of discipline the accused bully may face, but did say more resources were placed into Logan’s classroom at the beginning of the year.

Felgar said the district should do more to make sure no other children are injured by providing the bully the help he needs.

“I’m frustrated, I’m hurt and I’m fed up,” said Felgar.

Felgar said she is so fed up that she’s considering pulling her child out of the school to avoid any further problems.