Iconic 'Godfather' home up for sale (PHOTO GALLERY)

(CNN) -- The iconic home of Vito Corleone from the 1972 classic "The Godfather" is for sale on Staten Island, New York.

While broker Connie Profaci said none of the movie's scenes were shot inside the home, its sprawling 24,000 square foot property was the setting for the Mafia epic's opening, one of its most memorable scenes: As his daughter's wedding reception took place out in the yard, Don Vito -- played by Marlon Brando -- held court inside with his capos and fielded requests from wedding guests looking to have someone whacked or strong-armed.

The five-bedroom English Tudor, which has changed hands only once since the movie's filming, "was gut renovated in 2012," by its current owner, according to Profaci, and now it contains such modern amenities as a "man cave," a gym, and even an English Pub.

The yard, where the movie's mob patriarch later died, now features a saltwater pool.

If you want to make an offer that Profaci won't refuse, be prepared to pony up: She's listed the house for $2,895,000.