Idaho bar goes viral after declaring 'Heterosexual Awesomeness Month'

The Old State Saloon will be given discounts to heterosexual customers in June. (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images | Google Earth)

One bar in Eagle, Idaho is going viral after it announced it was celebrating "Heterosexual Awesomeness Month" in June.

The Old State Saloon posted on Wednesday that it would be kicking off its first salute to heterosexuality with discounts and free beer for couples and men, in a bit of counter-programming to June being widely recognized as Pride month for LGBT people.

"June will be OSS’s inaugural Heterosexual Awesomeness Month! Come join us all month to celebrate heterosexuals, for without them, none of us would be here! Each Monday will be Hetero Male Monday and any heterosexual male dressed like a heterosexual male will receive a free draft beer. Each Wednesday is Heterosexual couples day and each heterosexual couple will receive 15% off their bill," a Facebook post read.

In the comments, the bar also advertised for a judge "to determine if men's chosen clothing is officially heterosexual." It offered a $15 per hour salary along with free beer.

Later posts revealed that the bar was getting negative comments over the announcement, particularly for trying to counter the LGBTQ-themed "Pride Month."

"It seems as though people who are against Heterosexual Awesomeness Month have a hard time commenting without using horrific words, expletives, using the name of the Lord in vain, etc. Make an intelligent comment and stay. Cuss and you are banned. Thanks. We’ve banned about 25 already," one of the bar’s comments read days after the post.


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Old State Saloon reiterated on Friday that it would proceed and announced a "Her Hetero Happy Hour" for women and "Hetero Awesomeness T-shirts."

"We hear lots of people are upset about Heterosexual Awesomeness Month! Please know:  1) We love our LGBTQ+ patrons! 2) We will not be changing our mind and give into the group of those who are responding with vitriol. 3) ALL are welcome to come celebrate heterosexuality with us in June!" the bar said.

In a comment to Fox News Digital, Old State Saloon owner Mark Fitzpatrick said, "It's my dream to build a community event center on some nearby land I own to help support conservative ideals. We've received so many truly evil comments from the extreme LGBTQ+ crowd.  Some of the comments are truly horrific. But, there's also been so much support!"

On his Zillow page, Fitzpatrick described himself as a "Christian, conservative, Constitution supporter, retired police officer, and family man." The Old Stage Saloon Facebook page also featured promotions for conservatives such as "Open Carry Coffee" and "Christian Singles Mingle."

Fitzpatrick later responded to what he considered a hit piece against him by the Idaho Statesman about the month.

"Because most Idahoans will see this dog whistle for what it is. Old State Saloon is promoting intolerance. It’s putting the ‘trans’ in transparent bigotry. This marketing gimmick is an insecure reaction to LGBTQ+ Pride Month, the annual celebration for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride in June," the piece read.

Fitzpatrick wrote on the Old State Saloon Facebook page, "Idaho Statesman writes a hit piece on me and Old State Saloon and doesn't even have the courage to call me for a quote. Michael Deeds is a decently talented writer. Too bad so much of it is just so immoral. Viewer discretion advised." 

He continued, "And for the record, I love all types of people, including the LGBTQ+ crowd. I sincerely wish they all knew Jesus as their savior. Now, let's commence Heterosexual Awesomeness Month!"

Deeds didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.


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