In just a few minutes, her truck was stolen from her driveway

KENT - A Kent woman is trying to make the best of the holiday season.  Three days after her truck was stolen from her driveway, she says what happened to her can be a lesson to all.

Tanya Rinker thinks her daughter Amelia has had a good Christmas, but it wasn't quite the holiday she planned.  Tuesday morning her truck was stolen..with her daughter's Christmas presents inside.

"For it to be stolen from us from our front porch basically, was just awful," Rinker said.

Tanya says she'd been in the driver's seat waiting for her fiance, when she realized she left her purse on her couch.  So she left the truck running and ran inside.

"I went back outside and withing that short amount of time, it was gone."

Tanya's thankful that her daughter wasn't in the truck that morning, but she's still shaken up by what happened.

"I definitely feel like they were watching me, I feel super violated," Rinker said.

Because the keys were in the truck, Tanya was also worried that the thieves would be able to get into her home, so she's had to have the locks changed.

Kent police are now investigating...officers tell Tanya that vehicle thefts seem to be on the rise throughout the city.  That's why she's also turning to social media and sharing pictures of her missing truck.

Tanya hopes other people learn from her mistake, that you should never leave your vehicle with the keys inside.

Take another look at her truck: it's a 2003 Lincoln Navigator with Washington license plates: 605-ZRX.  If you see it or have any information on who might have taken it, you're asked to call CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-222CRIMESTOPPERS.