INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Man pulled from car seconds before gas pump explodes

YouTube screen capture

WHITE PLAINS, New York (PIX11) -- When this off-duty police officer saw a man in need, he didn’t hesitate to put himself in harm’s way to save a driver — seconds after the man plowed into a gas station, almost killing them both.

John Vescio was off-duty on June 3, donning a Yankees jersey and sneakers.

He was pumping gas when a Toyota Camry came screaming into the White Plains gas station, crashing into Vescio’s pump, WPIX-TV reported.

The pump instantly crumpled on impact, and burst into flames. Vescio instinctively ran to safety.

Vescio realized the driver who had nearly killed him was not fleeing from his vehicle.

The off-duty police officer promptly ran towards the blaze, opened the driver’s door and dragged his unconscious body out to safety.

Later, Vescio went back into the flames to grab his things from his car.

Soon after, the explosion flared up and any one in the vicinity of the pump would likely have been severely injured.

The fire department noted that the incident could have been a lot worse. The station’s fire suppression system never kicked in.

Police reported the 69-year-old driver of the Toyota Camry had a diabetic emergency before crash.

The driver sustained minor injuries, and is being treated at Westchester Medical Center.

John Vescio is a State Police senior investigator stationed in the Bronx, and has worked for New York State Police for 20 years.