Inslee seeks more than $1 billion in new taxes

OLYMPIA -- Governor Jay Inslee says that the state needs at least $1 - $2 billion in new revenue to adequately fund schools and other crucial services.

The plan is already getting heavy pushback from those who say the state should live within its existing resources.

“The state is thinking more about their own financial situation instead of the finances of working people,” said Paul Guppy of the Washington Policy Center.

The Governor and his staff are keeping quiet about what they will formally propose next week.  But, based on what Inslee has said and considered in the past, here are some areas that could be tapped for revenue:

    Inslee argues that the new revenue is necessary to meet the several important priorities and mandates from the State Supreme Court:

      The Governor’s revenue plan is sure to start a months-long showdown in Olympia over taxes and spending.