Instagram testing new feature that lets users copy templates from other reels: report

Instagram users may have a new feature soon that lets them make reels from other users’ posts.

According to a report from Business Insider, Instagram is trying out a new template allowing posters to make new video reels from other reel formats. The new reels could then go on Instagram feeds.

The templates feature would let users put their clips into pre-set frames. The company says the pre-sets help to prevent the use of other third-party apps or tutorials.

Instagram hopes it will motivate its users to create more original content.

The feature is in its testing phase and only available to a few creators at this time. Tech Crunch notes that it’s similar to templates found on TikTok, where users can place photos into a pre-set format.

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Josephine Hill, one of the users testing the new feature, posted a photo of it on Twitter.

The news comes just weeks after Instagram announced it was bringing back the ability to see news feeds in chronological order.

Users can now select the "Instagram" tab at the top left of their home page to switch between Following and Favorites. 
Favorites will show you the latest from a list of accounts you curate while Following shows posts from people you exclusively follow.

Earlier this year, Instagram began testing ways users can control what they see in their feed.

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has faced unprecedented scrutiny in recent months after whistleblower Frances Haugen, a former employee, leaked thousands of internal documents detailing research into harm caused by the platform. In previous testimony on Capitol Hill, Haugen said company executives were aware of the harmful effects on teen users but prioritized profit over safety.

In response, the app introduced several new features aimed at improving the safety of its teenage users, including an option that prevents people from tagging or mentioning teens and another that urges them to take a break from the app.