Is it worth it to cut the cord?

With high prices for cable, more people are cutting the cord and relying on streaming services instead. So we wanted to know if it's worth it to ditch cable for good.

"With streaming, there is a little bit more involved. You have to pick and choose from different sources in order to get sports or movies or news," says Derek Wing, PEMCO communications manager. So he suggests asking yourself a few key questions first.

Do you have a fast a reliable internet connection? That's needed before you stream anything. Have you already tried negotiating with your cable provider for a cheaper price? Last but not least, are you willing to put in the effort to find specific content?

"Local sports programming like Mariner's games might be a little bit more difficult to find," says Wing. "Then if you're the type of person that wants to talk about that hot new show or the episode that aired last night and you're streaming, you might not be able to."

Another key program you'll probably miss is local news. But a cheap fix is to get a digital antenna which includes the four major networks for free.

So is it worth it to cut the cord? Wing says yes, as long as you do your research first. Figure out what you'll need to watch your favorite programs. Don't forget to tally up the cost. If you have several streaming services, the end price might not be cheaper than your cable package.