Is this the dumbest art heist ever? (VIDEO)

WEST MIDLANDS, UK -- Police kindly dubbed him an 'optimistic thief' when they released video of the attempted heist.

We aren't convinced 'optimistic' is the most accurate descriptor here.  We're leaning toward 'dumbest' or 'worst.'

Either way West Midlands police want to find this guy.

Apparently he walked into Castle Fine Arts Gallery on August 17th and literally tried to put a WWI commemorative piece of artwork under his zip-up sweatshirt.

When that (shockingly) didn't work, he then decided to simply put it under his arm and casually walk out of the gallery.

"Staff stopped him as he left and recovered the piece," said police.

Still this real life Thomas Crown wannabe did escape and now police hope someone recognizes him from the video and turns him in to face charges.