Is tipping smart cars on their side the urban take on 'cow tipping'?

SEATTLE  --  Could it be the new urban take on cow tipping?

Who's tipping smart cars owned by ride share company Car2Go?

In just the last week in Seattle, 3 smart cars have been found on their sides.

“Technically, yeah it is cow tipping, but I’m hoping that it doesn't catch on,” says Car2Go customer Daniel Martin.

A Car2Go was tipped over on its side in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood Wednesday night. This isn't the first smart car casualty in Seattle and it's definitely not the first nationwide.

Police in Denver are investigating five smart car tipping incidents. At least two of them belonging to the ride share service Car2Go.

A spokesperson for the company tells me they have 750 smart cars on the road here in Seattle and more than 75,000 members in the city alone.  The company insists smart car tipping is not a trend.

Our news partners, The Seattle Times, reported two incidents last week, including one near NW 127th Street, where Bruce Miller snapped photos.  A simple search on reveals the smart car only weighs about 1800 pounds and would probably take more than 1 person to tip it over.

“I know several people who use it to commute every day. It’s going to effect their travel time and it’s very inconvenient. It’s kind of rude,” says Martin.

A Car2Go spokesperson says they are working closely with authorities.  Their main priority is to get these cars repaired and back on the roads.  The company also says the costs to repair the damage will have no effect on customers.  If you do rent a car and find it tipped over, call the company and they say they will offer a solution.