'It was like seeing myself shot:' Jacob Blake's aunt says community needs to show support

Jacob Blake’s aunt tells Q13 News that she felt hopeless after seeing the headlines that police shot her nephew, but knew she needed to act.

“He’s got my face,” said Nicole Blake Chafetz. “It was like seeing myself shot,” she added.

Chafetz is Jacob Blake’s aunt.

She says over the last few days she has felt moments of depression.

“During certain hours, and during certain days, rolled up in a ball and said, ‘I can’t; there is nothing I can do,” she said.

However, despite these feelings over the last few days, she knew she needed to take action.

“I just immediately started figuring out what I could do. I figured the best I could do was get Black Lives Matter here in Seattle to get on board,” she said.

While her family is halfway across the country rallying for change, Chafetz says she plans to bring that same momentum to Western Washington.

“As many towns as possible need to show that there is support,” she said.

A rally is scheduled for noon on Thursday in Seattle at City Hall. Chafetz says they are also working on organizing a march.