'It wasn't an accident by any means:' Cat hit with blow dart in Lake Stevens

LAKE STEVENS -- A Lake Stevens woman says her 7-year-old cat came home with a blow dart lodged in its chest Wednesday morning.

Jill Fox, the owner of the cat said her husband discovered the dart.

"My husband saw something on his chest and he went to look and pulled out a blow dart, and realized that the cat had been shot straight in the chest," Fox said.

Jill's cat usually spends most of his time outside and she said there haven't been any issues in the past.

"I think he's the neighborhood friendly cat that everybody loves," Fox said.

She believes her cat was purposely targeted.

"It frightens me the position of the dart, the accuracy of where they were shooting for, it wasn’t an accident by any means," Fox said.

The cat wasn't seriously hurt.  Fox said she has warned her neighbors about the attack and is now keeping a closer eye on her furry friend.

Fox also added that she hasn't reported the incident to police.