January mystery: Chairs already set up on sidewalk for July 4th parade

BOTHELL, Wash. -- On a wet and dreary January night, someone in Bothell is dreaming about a hot July day.

“I think it’s kind of a cool idea,” said Amanda Bailey as she walked by three chairs chained to a piece of city art on the sidewalk of Bothell’s Main Street.

The July 4th parade along Main Street is one of the most popular in the state, drawing thousands every year. Lots of people put their chairs out a few days, even a week in advance. But these chairs are sitting outside a whopping six months in advance.

“We have no idea who put them up,” said Santo Roman, who owns nearby Rain City Wines.

Roman has no problem with the chairs since they’re not obstructing anything.

“I think it’s more of a prank or a joke,” said Roman. “But knowing how Bothell is and how homey we are, and family oriented we are, it could well be two adults and a kid.”

There is a kids chair along with two regular ones. Written on the plastic are the words, “Reserved for the July 4th parade, 2015.”

Gene and Shanelle Rabich, a young couple who just bought a house in Bothell, claim the chairs are an inspiration for them to check out the annual parade.

“Looks like a parade I want to attend.” said Shanelle.

“If it’s that good that they’re reserving it this far in advance, I want to go,” added Gene.

The city could consider the chairs a nuisance and have them removed, but since they are not blocking any driveways or the sidewalk, that’s unlikely. It’s also unlikely we’ll know who has the best spot for the Fourth of July parade for another 158 days.