JBLM officials: Soldier injured after being run over by Tacoma police officer

TACOMA -- The time stamp on the home surveillance video says 1:18 Saturday morning.

In the video 22-year old Emanuel Andrade can be seen lying in the street, and then the head lights of the officer’s squad car pull into view.

The video is infrared, so while it appears Andrade was wearing all white, witnesses say he was in jeans and possibly a white t-shirt.

A Tacoma police spokesperson says the officer was checking for car prowlers and running license plates on his computer, then all of a sudden he speeds up and runs over Andrade.

Duane Marggraf was sitting on his front porch and saw it all happen.

"Here's the guy and cop came up and stopped, came up and stopped, came up and stopped again and had the bumper right above him and all of a sudden he surged forward and run him over with both wheels. That's what I saw,” witness Duane Marggraf said.

Kassie Mitchell captured the video on her home surveillance system. She didn't know anything had happened until she heard a knock on her front door.

"We got woke up by police asking to see our surveillance video because there had been a traffic accident out front,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell says she’s watched the video over and over and believes it was nothing more than a tragic accident.

"It was pretty disturbing for sure. I just think it was the dark clothes and the computer screen, maybe his eyes hadn't adjusted when he looked up to see it and so I just think it was two unfortunate incidents that came together in one bad place, Mitchell said.

Tacoma police says the officer involved in a seven year veteran and will not be placed on routine administrative leave because it was an accident.