Judge: Funeral home wrongly sold JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's used casket

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A judge says a funeral home that sold the used pine casket of Lee Harvey Oswald for $87,468 must return it to the accused presidential assassin's brother.

Robert Oswald bought the pine bluff casket for his brother. It was exhumed in 1981 amid conspiracy theories that it didn't contain Lee Harvey Oswald's body. After a Dallas hospital confirmed the body through dental records, it was reburied, but not in the original casket, which was too water-damaged.

Oswald's family says it thought the original casket had been thrown away, but the funeral home actually kept it in storage before selling it at auction.

The auction house still has the coffin, because the lawsuit had put the sale on hold.

A judge Friday also ordered the funeral home to pay Robert Oswald $87,468 in damages.