Just in time for the holidays: Kid-tested toys!

SEATTLE -- Ask a group of local second graders to test out brand new toys, and you may find yourself needing a few pairs of ear plugs.

The excitement is real, folks.

A local team with Walmart pulled together a list combining toys that appeared on their 2015 "Chosen By Kids" list, along with those that have been popular with customers in the Seattle metropolitan area. The toys that made the list came from a Walmart-run focus group with kids ages 18 months to 12 years old.

Walmart dropped off a few of these toys for us to bring in to a group of 2nd graders at West Seattle's Alki Elementary. We had these kids play with the toys we could set up, and give us THEIR feedback.

The results?

Favorites included the remote-controlled helicopter (we can't underscore enough what a huge hit it was); the Glo Wubble Bubble Ball (even though it popped in minutes, despite claims on the package that it's un-poppable); and the Frozen Ultimate Olaf.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Play-Doh sets were also up there, although once the kids saw the helicopter they quickly changed their vote. I would guess, from watching it all go down, though, that the kids would still love Play-Doh for the holidays.

At the bottom of the list? The Doc McStuffins bag set. The Bratz Create It Yourself Fashion Playset scored mixed reviews- a couple of the kids found the messiness fun, while others were turned off by it.

Here is a complete list, including prices, of the toys we brought with us to the classroom (not all were tested with the kids due to time or logistics constraints). This information comes from Walmart and prices were up to date as of Monday December 14th:

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