K-Pop newcomers 82MAJOR talk debut experience and first impressions

GREAT M Entertainment officially debuted their first boy group into the world of K-Pop in early October of this year with the single album, "ON".

82MAJOR, a six-member group, got their name from Korea’s country code, 82.

"It conveys our aspiration to become a major artist, starting in Korea and expanding globally," says group leader, Cho Seong Il.

The group debuted with "Sure Thing" and "First Class" a week apart from each other, a method not as common for a debut, but there was a reason.

"Though ‘Sure Thing’ and ‘First Class’ are two very different styles of music, we prepared these songs to showcase our charms in each type of music and prove our versatility," says Park Seok Joon.

Their first song, "Sure Thing", became popular on TikTok with members from groups such as THE BOYZ and KEP1ER doing the dance challenge for it.

In response, Hwang Seong Bin says, "It was truly an honor. It was very gratifying to see senior artists whom we grew up watching take part in our challenge."

Being the first group to debut under your company comes with its own challenges as well.

"There is certainly pressure being the first boy group of the company, and knowing our success is crucial for future groups..but we are confident in our ability to excel and deliver outstanding performances every time," explains Yoon Ye Chan.

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For "First Class", the second music video released by the group, the members had their own hand in its creation, participating in the lyric-writing process.

"During the production process and practice sessions, we always thought about what it would be like to perform "First Class" on stage. Finally getting to perform the song was an exhilarating experience," says Hwang Seong Bin.

"Every experience so far has been new and enjoyable. Also, I love that we get to meet our fans," says the youngest member, Kim Do Gyun.

The members wrapped up their promotions for "First Class" with numerous performances on music shows with high praise from fans.

As a final message during their interview with FOX 13,  Park Seok Joon says, "We will do our best to make you proud as our fans."