Kaepernick headphone ad upsets some Seahawks fans

SEATTLE -- Sure, most Seattle Seahawks fans don't like to see the San Francisco 49ers or their starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick win games.

But do fans lather into a rage of obscenities and hotdog-throwing when Kaepernick's bus comes to town?

Well, that's what one headphone ad would have you believe.

Seahawks fans across the area are upset that a new advertisement from headphone company Beats by Dre portrays fans in blue and green colors vehemently screaming at the 49ers quarterback. Fans -- while never officially labeled as Hawks fans -- berate the third-year quarterback with threats, vulgar obscenities and jeers.

The commercial has upset plenty of Seahawks fans at their portray.

"This is offensive not only as a Seahawks fan, but also as a football fan," one commenter said on sportsradioKJR.com.

What do you think, Seahawks fans?