Kent police call off reported abduction of 15-year-old girl from her home

KENT, Wash. -- Police have called off reports Tuesday morning regarding the abduction of a 15-year-girl from her home in Kent. The abduction was reported by the girl's mother as she was getting ready for trick-or-treating on Monday night.

Approximately three hours after leaving to go trick-or-treating at her own free will, the girl returned with her grandmother, police said.

Originally, the mother of the teen called 911 and said her daughter answered the door and that two men and woman were standing there. The mother told police she did not recognize them and told them her daughter was not going with them.

According to police, the mother said the woman ran interference with her while the two men grabbed  her daughter and threw her into a dark-colored SUV outside. The mother chased the SUV on foot, grabbed onto it and was dragged down the street for about a block. The SUV stopped, she said, and the men pulled guns on her and told her to get off the vehicle.

Police are now disputing that information, saying they believe the mother conjured up the story. They do not believe there is a threat at this time.