Kidnapping charge filed against man accused of pulling 10-year-old girl into wooded area

SEATTLE – Dejon Luciano Robinson, 25, was charged Thursday with first-degree kidnapping with sexual motivation for allegedly pulling a 10-year-old girl into a wooded area Monday night.

He is being held in the King County Jail in lieu of $250,000. His arraignment is set for June 26.


There were terrifying moments for a 10-year-old girl Monday night in south Seattle. Police say a man tried to kidnap and rape her in a wooded area.

Thankfully, a neighbor driving nearby heard the girl’s screams and rescued her from a dangerous situation.

Luis Castellanos didn't want his face shown on television, but he said he knew something was wrong when he saw the girl running out of the woods screaming and crying. That’s when he leaped into action.

“All of the sudden I seen the little girl come running, screaming and she was crying, and I stopped and told her to get into the car,” said Castellanos. “I asked her what was going on and she said the guy was trying to rape her.”

When Castellanos showed up, the man took off, but police caught up to him about two blocks away.

“I feel that the little girl is safe,” said Castellanos. “I know that she’s going to need a lot of counseling, but at least nothing serious happened to her, I’m happy about that.”

It happened only a couple blocks from Concord Elementary near 7th Avenue South. Police say the suspect asked the child for directions to the library - but then ordered her into the woods and told her to have sex with him.

Neighbors say they saw the man walking with the girl in the area earlier in the day.

“We waved at her and she waved back and we didn’t feel quite right,” said Laurie McVay. “We went back to her house and met with her grandma and they tried to locate them and couldn’t find them.”

Castellanos says when he saw the two near the woods, he knew he had to help.

“I just think that that’s sick, real sick, that people do that to little kids,” said Castellanos. “People like that, like I said, they should never let them out of jail.”