King County Executive: We will keep working to bring back our Sonics

SEATTLE  --  King County Executive Dow Constantine issued a statement Friday congratulating Steve Ballmer on his successful bid for the Los Angeles Clippers.

But in the statement Constantine also said the effort to bring NBA basketball back to Seattle would continue.

"Here in King County, the resolute work by investor Chris Hansen to build an arena started well before Mr. Ballmer was involved, and it will continue after,”  said Constantine.  “We will keep working to bring back our Sonics and bring the excitement of NHL hockey to our region."

Ballmer will reportedly pay $2-billion for the Clippers after the current owner was told by the NBA that the team must be sold.

Co-owner Donald Sterling made headlines several weeks ago when he was caught on camera making racist statements.  His wife announced she was taking control of the team and she has reportedly agreed to Ballmer’s bid.

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Industry watchers have said that it is unlike that Ballmer would move the team away from LA.  That would mean that Hansen and other boosters looking to bring a team to the Seattle area would likely need a new partner with similarly deep pockets to realistically continue their efforts.