Deputies warn of ‘police impersonator’ after fake traffic stop in Kitsap County

A woman in Kitsap County is dealing with a terrifying situation after giving her personal information to a man pretending to be a cop during a phony traffic stop.

The incident happened on Saturday, Feb. 24 around 8:30 p.m. near the intersection of SE Lider Rd and Bethel Burley Rd SE.

The victim — a woman who has not been identified — pulled over for what police described as a four-door Dodge Charger, with "Washington" written on the side, and red and blue flashing lights in the front grill.

"That’s why it’s dangerous, because a woman traveling alone, if she believes a law enforcement officer is stopping her legitimately, she’s going to stop. She’s not going to believe she’s at risk," said Kevin McCarty, spokesperson for the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators would not release specific details of what happened during the traffic stop due to the ongoing investigation, but sheriff's officials did confirm the woman was not physically hurt.

They also said she felt suspicious during the stop. However, she still provided the fake officers with her personal information.

"That’s part of the risk, is that people are handing over documents that have their names, their addresses," said McCarty.

The suspect is still on the loose, and the Sheriff's Office tells FOX 13 News they are investigating reports of similar incidents.

"It’s bad enough that this might have happened once. It’s even worse if this is a pattern, and it’s something that is continuing. That’s why we put the information out, so the public can know about it. So, the people who may have encountered this individual or may have encountered somebody that they believe is suspicious who was posing as a police officer, can come forward," he said.

It is a crime in Washington to pretend to be a police officer.

Authorities say to avoid situations like this during a traffic stop, make sure to slow your car down, put your hazard lights on, and pull over in a well-lit and populated area.

If you have any information on the incident, or you were a victim, the Kitsap Sheriff’s Office asks you to call 911 or email or, case #K24-001722.