Kshama Sawant calls for wave of anti-Trump protests and strikes on May Day

SEATTLE -- Socialist Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant is calling for a wave of protests and strikes on May Day this year against President Donald Trump and his policies.

Sawant penned an article in the socialist publication Jacobin Magazine titled Why We Should Strike on May Day.

"Since Inauguration Day, millions of people have taken to the streets to fight against Donald Trump’s right-wing agenda. Yet the president is continuing his attacks," she wrote.

Sawant called for rank-and-file union members and labor leaders to bring forth resolutions to strike on May 1. She also called for "mass peaceful civil disobedience that shuts down highways, airports, and other key infrastructure."

In the article, Sawant said it "will not be enough to play defense." She referenced Trump's travel ban saying the "'chaos' we created at the nation's airports gives a hint of what's possible."

"We will not defeat Trump in one day alone. But a nationwide strike on May Day would, without a doubt, represent an enormous step forward for our movement.

Let’s seize the time and make this May Day a turning point in the struggle to bring down this dangerous administration and put forward the type of politics than can challenge the rule of the billionaire class."

May Day in Seattle is historically a day of peaceful protests during the day followed by violent protests at night.