Lacey woman asks for help in finding her 6-year-old service dog

LACEY, Wash. -- A Lacey woman is asking for help in finding her service dog that she says isn't just a pet but her lifeline.

"He's actually my seizure dog. I've had him since he was probably as big as a Pomeranian," said Sylvia Martinez, who has relied on her Siberian husky named Yottabyte, or just Yotta, to help her through her epileptic seizures.

"I feel really confused and sometimes I'm terrified," she said, adding that Yotta helps her get through those episodes and feel safe.

On Dec. 5, Sylvia said, Yottabyte escaped while her garage door was open. He ran off into her Lacey neighborhood and that was the last time she saw him.

"We've been looking all around. I even contacted a pet psychic. I called a tracker for as much as I could afford to get him out."

She's called all the local shelters and veterinarians.

The husky isn't hard to spot -- he has a unique reddish and white coloring.

Yotta is full grown, 6 years old, has light brown eyes and was wearing his collar with ID tag.

If you have any information on Yotta's whereabouts, she is hoping you'll contact the Hawks Prairie Veterinary Hospital in Olympia: (360) 459-6556