Lake Stevens police searching for Cadillac after home invasion at retirement community

LAKE STEVENS - Residents are on edge, after a violent home invasion at a retirement community. A couple in their 70s were assaulted, then robbed. But the suspects’ vehicle may have been caught on camera. Police released cell phone video of a mid-1990s gold or silver Cadillac Deville, seen driving recklessly just after the crime.

Police say three suspects rang the doorbell of an apartment at the Ashley Pointe Senior Living Community early Thursday morning. When a 71 year old woman answered, the suspects knocked her down and forced their way into her home. They attacked her 77 year old husband, then stole jewelry and small electronics from the couple.

People who live near the retirement community are shocked to hear about the crime.

“I’m saddened by it,” says Patty Jones. “We don't expect to have it happen right around the corner, especially with the elderly.”

Even though Ashley Pointe is a gated community, residents say the gate opens each morning at 5 am. The home invasion happened just minutes after that. Some neighbors are now wondering if the thieves had been watching the community. They say they may have targeted the home, because they knew the elderly man was in a wheelchair.

Management is now planning to install peepholes on their front doors, so residents will be able to see who is outside. Neighbors say everyone should be cautious when a stranger knocks or rings the bell.

“I always look out the door first,” says Jones. “We tell the kids, the door is always locked. Always, even when we're home.”

Police don’t have a good description of the suspects because they were wearing masks and gloves. They’re hoping someone spots the Cadillac. It lost one of its hubcaps and has a dent on the trunk, so it should be recognizable. Anyone with information is asked to call Lake Stevens Police at 425-377-3214.