Lakewood school goes into lockdown following latest online threat

LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- There was an emergency lockdown at a Lakewood high school Friday where students celebrating school spirit were under threat.

Friday was “Spirit Day” at Lakes High School and students were encouraged to wear black. It turns out, the online threats were targeted at anyone wearing black on Friday.

The threatening posts were made on Snapchat, the app that makes messages vanish within seconds of being sent.

Police investigated but couldn’t find that threatening post so they considered it unfounded until another threatening message was sent out on Snapchat Friday. Students say it showed pictures of a gun and bomb and said an attack would occur just after 1 p.m.

“I think it’s pretty scary because if there is a threat like this it needs to be taken seriously,” said Gabin Wardell, a student at the school.  “A threat to what’s going on around us is a big deal.”

Police are still investigating, "trying to find those messages and the source.”

The district said the school will be in session on Monday at its normal time.