Landslide forces evacuations, road closure along Hood Canal

Firefighters responding to a boathouse fire along the Hood Canal Monday evening had to evacuate eight waterfront homes and use a rescue boat to extinguish the flames due to a landslide. 

The Associated Press reports that the landslide has pushed trees into at least one home. 

According to the Poulsbo Fire Department, firefighters responded about 5 p.m. Monday to a fire and landslide on Seclusion Cove. 

The person who called 911 said firefighters would need a large hose because a landslide was limiting access to the scene. They were unable to drive heavy fire engines down the hill because of the slide. 

The duty chief used his SUV to get to the scene and go door-to-door to evacuate eight homes, "since the landslide was still active and trees could be heard cracking."

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Firefighters fought the fire from a boat that was launched from Salsbury Park. 

Red Cross helped one couple who evacuated find a room for themselves and their dog. No injuries were reported. 

Crews returned to the area Tuesday morning to evaluate the landslide. Seclusion Cove was still closed as of 8:50 a.m. Tuesday. 

Much of Western Washington is at an increased risk for landslides this week because of heavy rains and saturated grounds.

There are several warning signs that people living in Puget Sound need to be aware of during this rainy period.


"New or developing cracks on the ground, sagging utility lines, leaning telephone poles or trees on a hillside. They should look out for any broken water, sewer or utility lines," said Kate Mickelson, Landslide Hazards Program Manager for the Washington state Department of Natural Resources.

If you're a homeowner, look for any cracks on your home's foundation, driveway, or any uneven door frames or windows.