Landslide risk continues as more develop in Kitsap County

Wednesday’s break in the rainy weather gave county officials from Kitsap County Emergency Management a chance to reassess a landslide that damaged two homes near Poulsbo.

County officials said crews reviewed a slide in the morning and afternoon. Neighbors told Q13 News the hillside continues to move and remains dangerous.

Homeowner Galvin Graden says his property was spared serious damage but his next-door neighbor did not. He said the wall of mud and debris towering behind his property continues to expel water.

Graden says the home next door was damaged much worse, and the wall of mud behind both homes is still gushing water.

"The water is still constantly running," he said.

Heavy rains also caused at least two more landslides this week in Silverdale. One covered a portion of a parking lot near Silverdale Way and another temporarily closed Newberry Hill Road.

Wednesday’s sunny skies allowed Graden to check on his property where he found only small puddle of mud in his garage, but the basement was flooded with multiple feet of water.

"I’ve got a generator running right now pumping it out," he said.

Kitsap County Emergency Managers say the landslide looks to be stable but there is concern the private roadway could still be undermined. Graden says slides are common in the neighborhood and he is thankful nobody was injured.

"I’m thankful it didn’t hit my house," Graden said. "Material stuff can be replaced."

County emergency management officials said another slide appears to be forming to the north of Seclusion Cove but does not appear to threaten homes or structures.