Lawsuit: Birth control mix-up results in 113 pregnancies

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — More than 100 women who blame their pregnancies on errant birth control packaging have joined a negligence lawsuit filed in Philadelphia against several drug companies.

The lawsuit follows a 2011 recall of more than 500,000 blister packs after an Iowa customer found the pills packaged out of order, potentially increasing the risk of pregnancy.

All but four of the 117 plaintiffs became pregnant, and 94 gave birth.

The women are suing Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc. and other companies that made or distributed the pills under several brand names. A spokeswoman at Endo's U.S. headquarters in Malvern didn't immediately return a message Thursday seeking comment.

The Philadelphia lawsuit comes after a federal judge in Georgia refused to grant class-action certification.

The women are seeking damages for lost income, medical costs and, in some cases, the cost of raising their children.